Essential factors for value-
oriented ­ M&A transactions.

Aside from a new type of highly reliable contacts, an entrepreneur also requires a high degree of financial, tax and management expertise for a proven and comprehensive company transaction process. Such talent and expertise is only rarely available in-house.

 This is especially true for the purely finance-oriented perspective common in global markets. The mastery of this capital market-based perspective is a major key to success in today’s business world.

 As an advisory firm specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions as well as the search for the ideal company successor, we are – together with renowned partners – well-positioned to apply the most effective tools, methods and philosophies from the areas of

 corporate financing

business administration

the management of SMEs

 in a way that opens new markets to small and medium-sized companies:

 sound company acquisitions as drivers for growth

restructuring of companies and disposal of company units

perfectly prepared sales of companies as a tool to protect equity value and jobs.

 The underlying focus: We strive to increase value and we are following a value-oriented approach. This is more important to us than just looking at calculated values based on numbers such as the discounted cash flow of a company.  From our perspective, any sustainable protection of enterprise values must always have one goal in clear sight: For every company there is at least one “best owner” for the sustained protection of the existing enterprise value – this may be an individual entrepreneur or a group of companies.

Our goal is to define this best owner and the optimal configuration for you – and subsequently to implement the company transaction in close cooperation with you.