Company transactions in a crisis situation: Often the best way to protect values!

In the life cycle of organically grown small or medium-sized companies, there comes a moment in which the company reaches its limits. The early acknowledgment: “We are facing a crisis”, is often difficult. Nevertheless, an early realization often turns out to be beneficial.

 The following simple strategic questions help to determine the status of the company and the potential to solve the issues through the sale of the company:

 1.       Does the organization of the company in terms of size and performance still meet the requirements of its markets?

2.       Do the customer base and product portfolio correspond to the core or target markets?

3.       Is it possible to sell parts of the company or the entire company?

4.       Are the potential buyers financial investors or rather market participants with a strategic perspective?

5.       What exactly can be sold and to whom?

6.       Which time period is available for a transaction in the context of the current company situation?

7.       How long will creditors continue to support the company?

 In our experience, the last issue will be of particular importance. Moreover: As soon as the first indications of a crisis become obvious to competitors or customers, the pressure on the operating business also increases.

We believe: These are the reasons why a conceptual solution must be found quickly.  However, a prerequisite in this situation is a perspective that is keenly aware of the real company value and the actual sales price for the company in the market.  Furthermore, all participants and their interests must be taken into account. This is the only way a truly value-oriented transaction can be initiated.

Through its reliable and structured approach across the entire process, Allert & Co. has proven in numerous cases that it is possible to achieve more than was previously thought to be attainable, even in seemingly hopeless cases. To a large degree this is thanks to our very high degree of personal commitment, focused work and an approach that is based on our proven and reliable process. For quick and discreet disposals of companies with the objective to secure the company’s long-term future, Allert & Co. has proven to be the optimal advising partner for many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and managing directors.

 You feel that your company is approaching a crisis or that your creditors are becoming restless? Please contact us for an initial confidential and non-binding consultation.