Sale for company succession: Reliable, discreet and professional.

A familiar situation: Many entrepreneurs cannot find a suitable or worthy successor in their own immediate surroundings to ensure the continuation of their life’s work.

Eventually they realize: The sale of the company to the best new owner may be the only option to receive the financial rewards for the values created during a lifetime and to also secure the continuation of the company for as long as possible.

However, in our experience, this goal is preceded by four valid questions:

1. What is the actual value of the company – regardless of its emotional value to the partners and employees,

and what is the price that can be achieved for this value?

2. How can a sale be brought about in the most discreet manner without harming the company’s business operations?

3. Who is the new “best owner” for the company?

4. How do you negotiate an appropriate price?

In our capacity as experienced consultants and confidants, we already have successfully supported a large number of companies in answering these questions, solving these problems, and then preparing and executing the company succession through a sale.

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