Strategic growth and investment: Optimal timing and appropriate pricing.

Now more than ever, small and medium-sized companies with clear strategies have the chance to use these strengths and to set ambitious goals for themselves – and to actually achieve them – through a targeted and successful acquisition of other companies or company units.

In this case, the company-internal industry expertise is as important as our analytical and financial expertise, which continuously analyzes the intricacies of new potential acquisitions.

What our clients value in our work: They sense and quickly  recognize that we are capable of thinking like entrepreneurs who are intimately familiar with the management of small and medium-sized companies – and that we very successfully combine this mindset with our operational and financial expertise.

Case in point: A return-on-equity optimization today requires not only the skillful entrepreneurial approach, but also in-depth knowledge of financial engineering. This includes, for example, the determination of the ideal leverage ratio, which can be critical for sustained success.  In some cases, the type of the financing can be even more critical than the underlying vision for growth.

We believe: You buy a company to increase its value. Especially when it comes to acquisition of companies, operationally-oriented businesses can gain important insights from the pragmatic mindset and approach of classic financial investors. We will make sure that you will be able to benefit from these insights.